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What are the different types of truck?


Jan 21, 2023
different types of truck

Trucks are so-called heavy-duty vehicles. Their characteristics are already their own weight, a minimum of 3.5 tons, and an ability to support a total load of up to 40 tons. They are vehicles dedicated to all kinds of transport. There are two categories, rigid trucks and those called road tractors. But when it comes to types, there are basically seven of them, and here they are with a quick description.

The dump truck

This is a truck widely used in the field of public works or roads. Depending on the purposes of use, the dump truck can be equipped with a crane. The dump truck can also be of the bi- or tri-tipper type. The different equipment can be on board, either on a cabin or on a chassis. Usually, this type of truck is used to transport materials such as sand, gravel, rocks or earth. It is a type of truck that can also be used to transport edible products. In this case, it is the grain tipper. Its shape and configuration are very different from that of the dump truck used for public works.

The tank truck

This truck is recognizable by its tank, the size of which varies according to the capacities of the truck carrying it. The tank truck is often used for the transport of often dangerous liquid contents, such as elements for industrial and chemical use. It can also be flammable gas. Sometimes the tank truck can be used to transport liquids for agri-food use. The cisterns are also differentiated from what they contain. Apart from the materials mentioned, the tank truck can be used to transport water, fuel oil, hydrocarbons or concrete.

The Ampliroll truck

The  Ampliroll truck is in fact a truck equipped with an eponymous system. It is an articulated hydraulic arm. This can be mounted on most bodies. That said, it will still be necessary to take into account the power of the arm and the capacity of the truck which must receive it. The Ampliroll is a system that makes a truck versatile. Indeed, its use makes it possible to place either a skip, a tray or a container on the back. Thus, a single truck can be useful in several scenarios. This type of truck is also called a multi-tipper.

The refrigerated truck

The  refrigerated truck has a very specific use. It is used for the transport of products which, under ambient temperature, risk expiry or deterioration. For this, the refrigerated trucks are equipped with a so-called isothermal body, therefore capable of maintaining a temperature level totally different from the external one. To produce the cold essential for the preservation of sensitive goods, the truck is equipped with a generator. Thus, this heavyweight can take care of transporting this type of goods over long distances without the risk of losing them. The temperature levels vary between -25°C and +25°C. Among the products that can be transported with this type of truck, we can mention vegetables, meats, fruits, etc.

The tank truck

This type of truck is used to transport unconventional loads. Indeed, the goods in question must not only be overweight but also, they must not be ordinary goods. For example, it can be a part of a ship or an airplane.

The van truck

The box truck is one of the booming heavy-duty production sectors. Indeed, it is a type of truck equipped with a van. Depending on the type of goods to be transported, the van can be refrigerated or not. In the same way, the configuration and the options of the box truck are differentiated according to the models and the geographical areas for which the vehicle is intended.

The flatbed truck

This truck is used for transporting large goods. Its special feature are the side boards, thanks to which it is possible to properly secure the goods. The flatbed truck, depending on its capabilities, is used for transporting beams and automobiles. The number of transportable vehicles varies according to the templates.

Other types of trucks

There are also other types of truck, among others, the  log truck essentially dedicated to the transport of wood. There is also the crane truck . Note also the livestock truck, whose use is mainly dedicated to the transport of livestock.

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