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The various advantages of opting for a used heavy truck


Jan 21, 2023
used heavy truck

Are you considering buying a heavy truck but are somewhat discouraged by the prices you are seeing? Don’t despair, the truck you want is more accessible than you think.

Indeed, by opting to buy a used truck, you benefit from an advantageous price as well as a vehicle that has lost little or no performance and robustness, offering you almost the same advantages. than a new truck. Through this article, discover many reasons to opt for the purchase of a used heavy truck.

Save money and get value for money

It is true that buying a new heavy truck can be very expensive. This is a significant investment for a truck that may not live up to your expectations. In addition, depending on the price of the model you want to acquire and your budget, you may need to take out a substantial loan over several years.

However, if you opt for a new truck, you choose a truck that meets your specifications and have the option of putting extended warranties on it.

Buying a used truck can help you greatly reduce this cost. Indeed, a used truck can cost you up to two times less than a new truck. It therefore allows you to save money while benefiting from a product that is still as efficient as ever.

At Kenworth Maska, we always control the quality of the used trucks we sell. Thus, although they have already been driven, they offer almost the same benefits as new vehicles.

A profitable long-term purchase

If at first you might be reluctant to buy used, take into consideration that if you plan to keep your truck for several years, you will be able to make this investment profitable very quickly. Know that, compared to a new truck, you will make the purchase of your used truck profitable much faster.

Indeed, thanks to its much more affordable price, the used truck does not require a financial investment as substantial as a new truck and allows you not to go into debt for years.

You may have thought that it would be better to opt for leasing rather than buying a vehicle that has already been driven? Take into consideration that buying a truck, both used and new, allows you much more flexibility because you can use it whenever you want. Buying a truck also allows you to benefit from tax advantages.

A varied inventory

Who says used does not necessarily mean limited! On the contrary, most dealers generally offer a wide choice of heavy truck models, with new arrivals every month.

 At Kenworth, we carefully select the used trucks that we put on sale in order to offer you products that have barely lost their original performance and condition. We also provide you with all the information about the truck you are interested in.

Trucks that are still as robust as ever

Do you have doubts about the quality of a used truck? To ensure that you always make a reliable and quality choice, even with a used vehicle, call on the right dealer!

Kenworth heavy duty trucks are tough and built to last. Thus, even when purchasing a used truck, you will always benefit from the quality and reliability of our brand.

In addition, used trucks that are put back on the market are generally inspected by mechanics who ensure their proper functionality. So you don’t fear unpleasant surprises, you can trust your dealer and drive in complete safety

If you are interested in buying a used heavy truck, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of expert advisors will answer all your questions and make the best recommendations based on your criteria.

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