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Repair your car at a lower cost


Jan 21, 2023
Repair your car

The relatively high purchase price of the car is not the only cost you incur when purchasing your automobile. Maintenance costs, including repairs, can also be very significant in some cases. People who do not have enough means are quickly overwhelmed by these expenses. The solution to afford to own a car is to reduce these repair costs. If you are looking for solutions to repair your car at a lower cost, this article is written for you. Discover the essentials to reduce the annual bill for your auto repairs.

Opt for less expensive spare parts

As soon as there is a defective part in the vehicle, your wallet can take a huge hit. This is a certainty, especially if you choose to take a new part from the dealership. To avoid overly costly repairs, the solution is to opt for less expensive parts. You will be able to have these elements, whether it is a tire or a part of the engine of a classic car.

In the scrapyards

The first place you should go to get any used car part is the auto junkyard. In these dumps of old vehicles and wrecked vehicles, you have all the items you could possibly need.

In fact, used cars taken out of circulation, especially those that are damaged, are gold mines for owners of broken down cars. The principle is simple: when these cars enter the establishment, they are boned. Thus, everything that is still useful is removed to be grafted onto another vehicle in need.

By opting for a spare part from a scrapyard, you can save up to 50% compared to buying the same part from the dealership. Therefore, needless to say, this is a great deal. You can find these car scrapyards everywhere on our islands.

The Internet is also the ideal place to find spare parts. Whatever the make of the broken down vehicle and your own criteria for that matter. And, by opting for this solution for buying reconditioned parts online, you also benefit from a great reduction for your repair.

Garage or house: where can you repair your car yourself?

The cost of acquiring parts is not the only parameter that determines the price of repairing a car. The labor of the professional mechanic is also one. Removing this labor by repairing your car yourself is a lower-cost repair solution. With this in mind, two possibilities are available to you, we will study them.

Repair your car at home

You can choose to change a defective part at home. It is important, in this case, that you have some mechanical skills but also the necessary equipment. To do this, you can take training in auto repair from a professional mechanic. You can also train yourself by watching tutorials on YouTube channels when you have time. In addition, equip yourself with repair tools. This is a good investment that will save you a lot of money. However, it is not recommended to carry out all repairs yourself. For some repairs you will need to hire a professional.

Cheap solidarity garage: how to find a garage at a lower cost?

Going to a garage is the only recourse when you don’t have the skills or tools to repair your automobile. However, you can choose to go to a solidarity garage to reduce costs. In these support structures, you can have your vehicle repaired or do it yourself with the assistance of professionals. But to have access to the services of these garages, you must pay monthly or annual dues.

Another solution to repair your car at a lower cost or free of charge is to opt for a vocational school where students will train on your vehicle. In these schools of mechanics, several types of car breakdowns can be solved. The price is totally broken since it is the learners who take care of the repair. However, you have nothing to worry about the outcome. He is at the level of a professional because the repairs are done under the watchful eye of the teachers. An hourly rate of €20 is generally applied in these institutions. If you have a vocational high school near you, do not hesitate to approach it.

What aid for repairs at a lower cost for his car?

There are also many aids that you can use to repair your car at a lower cost. In the event of financial difficulties, you can request it to deal with an urgent repair situation. Of course, you must meet certain criteria to qualify for these aids.

Personalized Return to Work Assistance

Personalized Return to Work Assistance, abbreviated as APRE, concerns people who benefit from the Active Solidarity Income. This exceptional aid is paid by the departments and the Pôle Emploi. If your income does not allow you to repair a car that you need to find a job, you can count on the APRE for support. Obviously, you must justify an active job search process. A signed employment contract, a promise of employment, an interview or registration for training are excellent examples of proof.

To apply for the APRE, you must contact your usual RSA referent or your Pôle Emploi adviser. Also go to the Communal Center for Social Action (CCAS) or the Departmental Center for Social Action (CDAS) on which you depend and talk to the social worker.

This last aid is intended for temporary workers with a certain ceiling of resources. When the latter encounter car breakdowns during their mission, they can count on this structure to repair their car at an advantageous price. Thanks to its partnership with associative garages, you are sure to benefit from their services everywhere, in mainland France and in our overseas regions. Requests for assistance are made directly online, on the official FASTT website .

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