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Maintain your car properly: how to do it? Our advice and recommendations


Jan 21, 2023
Maintain your car

What to check before hitting the road

Maintaining your car well may be important, but it is above all a matter of adopting good habits. And if these checks should not be daily, it is important not to forget them. Whatever the model of your car, the points to check for your safety on the road remain the same:

General information on car maintenance and repair

The maintenance and repair  of your car can weigh heavily on your car budget. However, be aware that these are not expenses to be taken lightly , especially since they will be less important than an expense linked to an accident caused by a poorly maintained vehicle. Garage, car dealer , service station or technical control center , there is no shortage of automotive professionals and it is better to call on them when in doubt. They will know how to inspect your car, from the windshield wipers to the engine, passing through the traffic lights and detect the repairs to be made as well as the parts to be changed.

The more knowledge you have of automobile mechanics, the more comfortable you will feel in the event of a breakdown or when you go to your garage. In addition to maintenance operations and technical repairs, some car drivers take care of their car from the dashboard to the bodywork. Because each driver is different, it is necessary to take stock of the essentials to know to properly maintain your car.

Where to have your car repaired?

Does your car struggle to start or drive long distances? Do not procrastinate any longer: you most likely need to take it to the garage . Source of apprehension (search for the breakdown, amount of the invoice…), the visit to the mechanic is not inevitable.

Be aware that garage owners have a duty to inform you of the prices they charge. The display of their prices is compulsory, in particular for services such as changing a windshield, an exhaust pipe or a tire.

To know what you are committing to, ask for an estimate indicating the cost of labour, the amount of spare parts, the amount of VAT and the duration of the repairs. You will avoid unpleasant surprises linked to an excessively high bill.

Also, remember to refer to the opinions and other comments submitted by customers who have approached one of the professionals to whom you wish to turn. It is better to ensure the expertise of a mechanic before requesting it, especially if your safety on the road is involved.

The frequency of checks

Your vehicle must go through the technical control box every 2 years if you bought it more than 4 years ago. The goal ? Detect a major failure before it occurs. Reviews are carried out every 20,000 km to 30,000 km . The mechanic checks the brake pads , the tyres , the various filters , the coolant and brake fluid and the engine oil in particular .

Is it better to turn to a garage, a dealer or an auto center to properly maintain your car?

For a simple intervention on your vehicle, auto centers allow you to do a quick service, without an appointment. For a more serious breakdown, you can contact your mechanic. Be aware that dealer prices are generally higher but they have the advantage of knowing the model of vehicle that you are presenting to them and that they have original parts more easily.

The mechanic or dealership is not allowed to carry out repairs without asking your permission.

How to maintain your tires?

Worn tires are vectors of great danger. So keep an eye on the condition of your tires. Tires that are poorly maintained or that are too old no longer adhere sufficiently to the road, especially in rainy weather. If the road is too wet, you risk experiencing aquaplaning : your car slides on the film of water formed on the surface of the road by the rain causing loss of control of the vehicle.

Tires maintained for good road holding

To assess the wear of your tires, compare the main grooves of your tires. They must be changed as soon as they lose their depth. In theory, these must be greater than 1.6 mm.

Monitor your tire pressure

Tires, no matter how new, experience air depletion as you travel miles. You should therefore check their pressure regularly. First component to be in contact with the bitumen, their condition plays a major role in your road safety.

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