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5 tips to sell your car faster


Jan 21, 2023
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 The answer is no, paid sites are not more effective than free sites. I advise you not to pay 25/30/35€, or even more with the highlights, because the free sites (I wouldn’t give a name so as not to advertise, because that’s not the goal) attract people actually wanting to make a purchase. The logic is quite simple: the more ads available, the more visits. And contrary to what may have been believed, it is not by paying for an ad that the vehicle will be sold more quickly.

However, some “free” sites offer promotions at advantageous rates. For 5 euros, the ad remains on the top of the page for a week, which allows for a rather interesting promotion. This can be a good alternative if after a month you have not heard back AND YOU ARE SURE OF YOUR PRICE of course!!

The price of the vehicle

Please note that these tips are valid for the announcement of a car up to around €15,000. Because for more expensive vehicles, it may be advisable to turn to a site with a more serious / upscale image. If you had €20,000 to invest, would you go to a free classifieds site or not? On the other hand, if you had 8,000€ and you wanted to make an interesting purchase on which site would you go? Your answer will help you better understand the approach of buyers. Because a website offering free ads can suggest that we can make a good deal.

How to adjust the price?

Simply by looking at the prices of similar vehicles (same year, same finish, same km) on the various sites available. Avoid adjusting to the Argus rating, as it does not reflect the market price at all and will not make your car sell faster, on the contrary. Also avoid putting “price to negotiate”, because anyway the prices are always negotiated so do not leave the door open to indecent proposals (which are commonplace on the web).

Be careful, it is not because you are adjusted to the price (low range) of the market that your ad will attract crowds and that you will make the sale during the week. There are times to sell, and there are times to sell one model more than another. It will obviously be easier to sell your 208 CC in May or June, because sunny days make you want small convertibles. Regarding a certain sales logic, there is also a geographical area for certain cars. It will be easier to sell your Smart in Paris than in Bouzon-sur-Orge where the number of inhabitants does not exceed 300 in the middle of summer and/or the average age is 70 years old.

 How to write your announcement?

In the title, you only need to indicate the useful elements: the brand, model, version, price (if it is not displayed elsewhere) and km. That’s already a lot and that sums up the vehicle enough. Avoid putting more details and especially false information like the famous “all options” this no longer exists for a long time. There will always be an option that the vehicle does not have and the reader will be annoyed to have been fooled, as a result he will go his way! Also avoid color, because no one cares to read that the car is black if there is a photo next to it.

Photo or not

Of course yes!!! And even several photos, because we look at the photos before reading the description. Not putting a photo is perceived as a lack of consideration towards the buyer. In addition, it is important to make an effort of cleanliness, clean your vehicle outside and inside before taking a photo. Because a dirty car is a neglected car, and if it’s neglected no one will buy it. Should I post a photo of the interior? Yes you have to, because it gives the impression that you are already in it, which will make the future buyer want to come and actually get behind the wheel. But it also allows you to scrutinize all the details and the good condition of the model.

Information to be specified in the description?

First of all, it is necessary to provide the information published in the title, detailing everything as much as possible.

The power and finish of the model you are selling. Then you have to detail all the options of your vehicle (4 electric windows, radio cd, auxiliary socket etc.). Note that if certain options do not work, do not display them or indicate the price of the repair. The goal is to sell your car, and not to “scam” the future owner!

Then, note if there have been any modifications, accidents, and above all detail all the repairs, maintenance that you have done. (hoping you are up to date) Also specify if the technical control is done or will be done for the sale. Do not skip this step, because you will be asked for this information anyway, do not waste the time of potential buyers. If no maintenance has been done and will be done, state this in the ad so that everything will be clear.

Some websites offer a guaranteed pack for a fairly high amount, highlighting the fact that buyers will have a 3-month warranty, which will help your car sell better. I do not recommend it, because until now its options are not known so buyers do not favor ads with its options.

Don’t forget to note at the bottom of your ad that you do not accept exchanges, for example your Renault Espace for a Smart Fortwo or even for a 1978 motorhome with 3 bikes and a cow trailer. Otherwise, stipulate at the top of the detail that you are open to any proposal.

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